vdpPfandbriefAkademie’s one-day-courses are approved by HypZert and recognised as mandatory professional training. The seminars are open to everyone. Our teachers and trainers are renowned specialists in their field of expertise.  


Preparatory Courses for HypZert Certifications

The financial industry relies on the expertise offered by real estate valuers who have been certified by HypZert. HypZert’s demanding examinations guarantee a very high standard of knowledge and professionalism.

In order to prepare thoroughly for the certification examinations, the vdp has developed extensive training material in module books which is now kept up-to-date by the vdpPfandbriefAkademie.

Together with the business school „Frankfurt School of Finance and Management“, the vdpPfandbriefAkademie offers preparatory training courses for the HypZert certification examinations based on the module books. These seminars can also be booked as individual professional education. The classes are designed for people working in real estate valuation and are held in German language.


Training Courses Preparing for the Certification as a HypZert Valuer for Mortgage Lending Value -  CIS HypZert (MLV)

Are you

  • a valuer with work experience outside Germany
  • holding an acknowledged title regarding the determination of market values
  • and seeking for an additional qualification in the field of mortgage lending valuation?

Then reach out for the next level with us and get qualified in mortgage lending valuation.

Objective: The Training Courses in English language prepare for the certification examination for real estate valuers HypZert for Mortgage Lending Value CIS HypZert (MLV).

Target attendees: This new certification is addressed to valuers who have already been working for several years in the valuation of property in other countries except Germany, who already hold an acknowledged title regarding the determination of market values, and who would now like to obtain an additional qualification in the field of mortgage lending valuation. These training courses are offered exclusively by the vdpPfandbriefAkademie. 

For more information on the admission requirements by HypZert, please go to


Foreign Country Seminars

The Foreign Country Seminars offered by the Pfandbrief Academy are a unique series of one-day seminars, which provide concise and profound information on the current market condition of various non-German real estate markets. The Foreign Country Seminars offer an overview of developments and amendments concerning real estate financing and property law in the particular countries. They are aimed at employees of German Pfandbrief banks, real estate valuers and investors.

Speakers are experts from vdp member banks as well as renowned specialists with practical experience of many years and established knowledge of the relevant market. These seminars are usually held in German language.




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